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Tilapia fingerlings

image1 (5).JPG

Bulk Pricing

Tilapia bulk pricing:

0-75 = $5.00 each

80-100 = $4.50 each

150-200 = $4.00 each

250-300 = $3.50 each

we are going to have more fingerlings available soon 
If you are looking for some please submit a order form and we will get back to you when they are big enough to ship.

 Products we recommend 

We have spend years finding the best products for aquaponics, spending a lot of money and time to just be disappointed with the result. We share what products we use to be a successful commercial aquaponic farm. Hit the picture of the product.


Grow Lights



Okay So now it becomes a little tricky. This is what we use if needed. learn more under training tab.

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