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Immigrating from South Africa we were looking around in the local grocery stores we noticed a lack of Organic healthy produce, the products you get is watery and have no flavor to them. That was in summer, Produce quality was horrible and we missed Home where we were able to get amazing produce. 

We started looking for some fish but all the local stores had fish shipped in and by the time they got to the stores they didn't look so great anymore. We started looking into farming practices in Canada and how we could get involved to grow a better product for the market, but farms in Alberta was expensive so we started in our basement...

Lots of fish tanks later and plants growing in every open spot

we were finally able to produce fresh veggies the way we use 

to know them full of flavor and just amazing for you.

We started using Tilapia to grow the produce and soon

they started breeding. We were so excited we spent all night

setting up a new tank for the babies. They kept breeding and

we kept adding tanks till our basement looked like this,

our very own personal aquarium. 

Now years later we finally saved enough to buy a small piece of land and then the building started, We developed our current system and grow a 1000 tomato plants in the greenhouse. Our farm produce year round so there is always fresh healthy produce that gets sent the same day we pick to the stores  



We started working on figuring out how to breed tilapia and how to grow them in the best manner.

It was then when we learned about Aquaponics and we build our first aquaponic system in our basement.

The fish started breeding and to our surprise, we soon had to many fish for our own system and started to sell our fingerlings. Today we are the biggest supplier of fingerlings in Canada to everyone starting off their own new home systems and we even stock big commercial systems with them.


We are a local breeder of white Tilapia, blue Tilapia and Hybrid Tilapia located in High River Alberta Canada, We now have a full commercial farm 20 minutes east of High River in the hamlet of Ensign. We have a full commercial scale aquaculture system as well as a 3000 square feet greenhouse attached. We use the greenhouse to grow produce year round in an aquaponic matter delivering high-quality organic cherry tomatoes to the market. Local family producing the best products with a high nutritional value and exceptional taste making sure you have the opportunity to serve your family healthy, organic veggies. 

We breed a high-quality hardy fish that is food grade and great for growing out in your aquaponic system. Tilapia is a light fish with almost no fish taste great for anything from smoking it to pickling them.

 We take great care to only produce the highest quality of Tilapia without any inbreeding or genetic mutation. Without the use of GMO’s, our naturally produced fingerlings are popular among hobbyist and farmers growing them to market size.

We also show tours of our current systems, we teach and show people how to implement Aquaponics. We supply commercial systems, Tilapia fingerlings right here in Alberta, Canada. If you are new to aquaponics and want to learn more you have found the perfect webpage that has all the hidden information and secrets on how to succeed in your aquaponic business.

Teaching at schools and helping teachers set up aquaponics in classrooms to teach sustainable farming. Alberta Tilapia Aquaponics is truly your one-stop shop in all things aquaponic.

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