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Information on training 

Aquaponics consist of two factors Aquaculture and hydroponics, You have read up on it a bit and you feel confidant in trying your own home system. 


Where do you start what type of system should you build should it be?

a media system, NFT system or a floating tray system. 

Should i get fish?

what type of fish?

yes there is different fish for different system depending on what you would like to grow.

Do you need a filtration system on the fish tank ?

What type of media should i use in my grow tray?

Should i have lights in my system.

There is a lot of these questions including nutrition plant health and insect control all of those are factors to consider when building an home system.

We have made videos and pdf form on all these questions and the tricks we have learnt how to do it yourself build it yourself to avoid paying to much money for a system.

ill put some examles in so you can see how we provide some of the training.

Daily Activity

Aquaponics 101

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