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Aquaponic Cannabis

We did a test in the greenhouse last season to see how well Cannabis would grow in our system.

I have never grew weed before so was curious to see if i would be able to.

We are by no means expert cannabis growers but we selected two strains and indica and a sativa.

The sativa died within 2 months due to much water on the roots and then got root rot and that was it.

The second plant grew well and we ended up getting super strong weed from it and harvested just over eight oz from the plant.

Here is some picture of the plant growing we did learn a lot of lessons in having to prune much more than what we did and that those plants like potassium more than tomatoes.

Was a super fun project and who knows might grow some more as we have time to learn a little more about how to grow them propperly.

test plant5.jpg
test plant3.jpg
plant 4.jpg
test plant4.jpg
test plant2.jpg
test plant1.jpg
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