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Help us Rebuild

Yes you read that right on August first we lost the farmhouse in a fire and  we were just renewing the insurance. Because of the nature of our farm when you talk to insurance companies they have no idea how to even give us pricing on it.

But I am getting ahead of myself, On Thursday August first we were at a farmers market when we received a call from RCMP informing us our house was on fire. we left High River and by the time we arrived on the farm it was already all lost. The whole house burnt down in 45 min down to ashes with nothing left. Nothing could be saved nothing personal could be found after it was put out it was all just gone with only a little mud patch to remind us what once was there.

We had insurance on the property till July 15th and then it expired, 30 days before that we requested pricing for new insurance but the new guys had to do an inspection and so on before the policy would be in affect August 4th, That left us with a 2 week break in insurance and we had no other option than to accept it and of course in that 2 week time frame we loose the house.

We do not have to money to build a new residence right away and hence why this page was created in hopes of getting a little help from anyone Reading it.

we put all our energy and money into this venture and we are doing an amazing job with it working with schools and teaching to everyone that we can help.

We ask humbly if it is within your means to help please donate or contact us to help in any other way.


Thank you for taking the time to read all this and we hope you come visit and see exactly how we do it.

Even my truck melted completely