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Total shares 200

Shares available 


Structure 0.5%/share

Value $6,000/share







Investment Raised


Previous Rounds


StageMVP/Finished Product

Investor Role

Asset list and projected income

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The Opportunity

Short Summary

We are an aquaponic farm that operates just south of Calgary, We currently have a 4000sqaure feet fish facility a 3000square feet greenhouse. We work with 5 schools to teach sustainable farming to the youth, we have been in this business for 8 years


Alberta Tilapia Aquaponics was found in 2010 and have been a growing business square feet basement space and have since grown to a fully commercial facility. 

We breed and grow fish on a commercial scale and use the greenhouse as part of our filtration process, in our greenhouse we grow just over 1000 cherry tomato plants. This fully functional greenhouse is certified naturally grown and produce a higher standard of organic produce to the market. 


We are Leaders in the aquaponics industry just taking off in Canada, we are also one of the only tilapia breeding and hatchery facilities in Canada. 

We breed a high-quality strong fish that is used by countless people just starting their aquaponic systems, we have spent years perfecting the practice and now teaching newcomers to aquaponics.


Currently, we are starting to look for investors to help us grow once again, with our current markets so rapidly expanding we are in the process of starting to look for investors to build a second greenhouse. 

With the high capital needed to build a second greenhouse we are now looking for investors, the new greenhouse will add $250,000.00 in value to the asset.


For this purpose, we have made available 20% of the shares of the company.



  • Sold out first 10,000 units

  • Have a strong market for our products in contact with Loblaw.

  • Excellent product feedback from consumers

  • Very Active website and starting to sell subscriptions to our training.

  • Big online following with more potential clients for our product


The Business

We just finished construction on the property and ran for the part of last year. currently, the business has about $1,200,000.00 in assets. We are looking to sell 20% for $240,000 CAD.
In the operation, we build we can produce 2500 fish for market every month, as well as 700 tomatoes a season producing 14kg in fruit each, this is all greenhouse-grown and we are certified naturally grown(Organic).
We also have a certified slaughterhouse on-site for the fish, With the right investors, we can grow faster, be better and generate a lot more income fast. We also sell the fingerlings for hoke aquaponic markets and teach people how to operate aquaponics.

We are also testing Cannabis in the system now

to see how they perform. The applications have

already been filled and we are waiting for approval.

if approved we will be seeding the next greenhouse

in Cannabis.














The Market

Currently, Sobeys will take all products we can produce, additionally, we are in a process to set up a distribution account with Loblaw for the fish.

The passed short season we were operational Sobeys used all of our produce and fish that is available and is looking to keep the contract with them and keep producing the product for them locally and in Calgary.



We started this project in November of 2017 and since then have built the buildings the greenhouse got all the equipment installed and now in the process of breeding the fish for the system and prepping for our growing season this year.

All buildings are signed off and we also currently have our certification for naturally grown produce and Alberta health also signed off on the processing facility on site.



We are looking for an investor/investors to buy 20% of the company giving us the operating capital and to expand to continue growing as well as advice and input from investors that have been in the business that we can learn more from. We are very passionate about farming and about aquaponics, we teach and help people set up personal aquaponics and have the potential to triple in size.

We hope to get our organic certification this year since Canada organics now recognize aquaponics. Currently, we do have our certified naturally grown certification.

We hope if you are interested in what we do that we can set a meeting and have you out on site to tour and see our passion for this business.



We have been farmers for over 25 years and the past 8 years intensively with tilapia fish, we saw that there is a big gap in the market for fresh fish and started producing fish. We just finished building the facility that can house the fish. Building the facility took longer than expected and placed us over budget with too little operating finances.

That is why we are looking for an investor to join us and help us expand and take the market by force. On-site we have a strong team that understands this system and that has a lot of farming experience.