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Tilapia fingerlings

Tilapia fingerlings is widely used for aquaponics, They are great fish to grow and provide lots of waste for your grow system.

Growing them at home is both rewarding and exciting, best of all they are great to eat.

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There is so many people that is looking to start their own aquaponic systems, here we share some information on how you can set up your own system.

Information you need to operate your system and some tricks we have learnt along the way

Aquaponic Training 

We have spend years and lots of money on finding the best way to grow aquaponics. Here we have compiled a bunch of videos,PDF and instructions on how you can also build and grow successfully in aquaponics.

We have helped countless other people starting off to start in the right way to not get discouraged. You dont want to spend hundreds of dollars with little to no success.Learn here how you can build a system that actually works

Math and Geometry Tools

AquaponicS 101

Aquaponic Cannabis 

The last season we tried to grow some cannabis this was only a performance test for Cannabis in aquaponics

see what happen.

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Alberta Tilapia Greenhouse

Alberta Tilapia Greenhouse

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